Monday, March 28, 2011

What's Growing On?

Timothy and I took a little walk around our complex this morning and found a bunch of little purple flowers.  Aren't they cute?  Don't they look sweet and innocent?  Like you might want to plant a little purple flower plant in your garden?

We started collecting some and I was surprised when I realized they were growing on "scissor plants." Hmmm...  Not nice weeds.  These sweet little purple flowers turn into these:

These are what we kids would make scissors out of.  Split one at the base and stick another one through it and you have some little scissors!  : )

They dry up and split and curl up into these nasty little seeds that embed themselves into whatever they can find so they can be planted again somewhere and grow more sweet little flowers.  Or maybe they're not so sweet after all.

Just before we found the purple flowers, we saw about 20 ladybug larvae crawling around on the sidewalk.  If you didn't know that's what they were, you would think they were scary, ugly bugs.  But, unlike the cute flowers that start out sweet and end up scary, the ladybugs start scary and end up cute!


I saw some dandelions growing today, too and remembered how I was a kindergarten teacher before I realized how dandelion flowers turn into dandelion seed puffs because I had never bothered to stop and make the connection.


Think there's a lesson in all of this?  Definitely.  I'm still thinking about it and will write about it tomorrow.  : )

Day 18

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  1. Filaree aka storksbill, imported weed from Europe. We may not see it as useful but it is good animal forage. Maybe another lesson in there somewhere.


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