Friday, March 11, 2011

Hi Dad!

Last night we attended the Spring Program at our kids’ school.  Toby’s class sang and danced to “De Colores” and Mikaela’s class played “Frere Jacque” on recorders.

(I’m guessing you can see Toby with his blonde hair and blue bandana…  Mik is a bit harder to find.  She’s in the 2nd row, far left with a blue flower in her hair. J)

I’m a sucker for these kind of programs.  Maybe it’s because I used to be a teacher so I have a special appreciation for the work it takes to get a bunch of wiggly, nervous kids to sing and dance and perform well.  (It’s not easy!)  But what I love the most – it almost gets me teary every time! – is seeing the kids up there  when they find us out in the masses and we make eye contact from across an overcrowded cafeteria and exchange joyful, proud smiles.  I see them and they see me smiling and waving and they smile and sneak a little wave back.

And I love it. : )

Last night, especially when Toby was singing and dancing, I didn’t even notice any of the other kids because my eyes were glued on him.  I didn’t want to take my eyes off of him for even a second because I didn’t want to miss anything.  And it reminded me again of how God can’t keep His eyes off of me or you.  Of how delighted He is when I look to Him and sense His smile and smile back with maybe a little wave.  : )

Psalm 121…  Over and over it talks about Him watching over us…  over our coming and going and sitting and sleeping and rising.  What a comfort.

It’s also special to me that after my first day of this daily blogging for Lent my Dad was the one who left a comment saying that he would be reading!  So here’s a little wave for you, Dad.  I love you!


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  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Aaaawwww.... You make me cry!... in a sweet, happy-cry sort-of-way! Great writing, Melissa! Love ya! Laura


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