Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'll likely be talking more about Sabbath during Lent, but for now I'll leave it at this:  I'm taking Sundays off from the Lent blogging.  I don't normally skip Sundays when I'm fasting during Lent, but this year is different.  AND I've also learned that according to the way some count the days of Lent, Sundays aren't counted anyway because Sundays are always a day of celebration (that's actually part of what Sabbath is supposed to be, I think) so they can't be a day of fasting.  So I'm going to take Sundays off from blogging during Lent.  (I'm actually setting this up Saturday night to post tomorrow.  Fancy, huh?)  Instead of writing, I'll be posting a link to something I've read that week that I want to share.  This week it's this...

Finding The Esther In You 

(Written by Stacy from  posted at

Empty cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape filled our dining room.
With a confused heart, I started to wrap our china, which unfortunately, seemed to be multiplying.
Feeling defeated, I decided to take a break. I grabbed the remote, plopped down on our sofa, and turned on the television. Flipping through channels, a sermon caught my attention. Soon I realized that the preacher was speaking specifically to women.
“Oh great,” I thought, looking toward the mess of Noritake plates and bowls scattered on my dining room table. “I bet he’s going to make me feel real good now.”
Although I was tempted to turn the channel, I felt that tug to keep watching. I’m happy I did. He shared a seven-word sentence with such conviction that to this day it still impacts me.
Click here to read the rest of the story.  (It's really, really good.)  : )  
Happy Sabbath.  : )

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