Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Be

This is a prayer God helped me write back in Fall and it helps me rest in His peace...  and it's my prayer again today.

Lord, I don’t want to be distracted and upset by the many things on my “To Do” list.  Instead of helping me TO DO everything today, please help me today TO BE who You want me – who You created me – to BE.   Help me through the power of your Holy Spirit dwelling in me…

To Be At Rest
To Be Prayerful
To Be Joyful
To Be At Peace
To Be Effective
To Be Patient
To Be Hope Filled
To Be Healthy
To Be Self-Controlled
To Be Submissive to You
To Be Trusting You
To Be Dependent on You
To Be Wise
To Be Loving & Kind
To Be Faithful & Good
To Be Gentle & Strong
To Be Generous
To Be Holy
To Be Thankful
To Be Praise-Filled
To Be Empowered
To Be On Guard
To Be Learning
To Be Growing
To Be Attentive & Listening
To Be Spirit-Filled
To Be Courageous
To Be Playful
To Be Smiling & Laughing
To Be A Friend
To Be A Wife & A Mom
To Be A Daughter & A Sister
To Be A Missionary
To Be A Worshipper
To Be Victorious
To Be Surrendered
To Be Humble
To Be Like You
To Be Silent
To Be Still
To Be Abiding
To Be Loved
To Be Yours

Thank You…
Melissa Ens - 2010

Day 5

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