Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grace With My Name On It

Well, I've made it to Day 11!  I've never, ever blogged this many days in a row before (or even close to it!) so this feels like an accomplishment of some kind.  I've noticed so far is that it's been a good thing.  There have been several times that I've written something and really needed to hold on to it the next day or two.  Or even just thinking about how I would explain something has helped me find some truth.  I have been blessed by remembering to accept and cry out for God's grace.  I have discovered anew why so often in scripture Grace and Peace are together.  When I accept God's grace, peace follows.  

It's neat to think that God has special grace just for me.  If his grace is given for specific tasks and callings, then there is some grace specifically for me and the calling He has on my life and the tasks He's given me.  Today.  Right now.  There is grace just for me to raise my kids in the middle of MAJOR change.  There is grace for my marriage in this brand new season.  There is grace to help me accept a messy house that is messy because I spent hours this week doing my new job instead of my old job.  There is grace for me when I'm tired and discouraged.  Grace just for me.  There is grace for me when my spirit is weary and burdened and hungry and thirsty.  There is a throne of grace I can boldly come to because I need God's help.  Because I need God.

And how sad does it make Him when I am tired and won't rest or hungry and won't eat what He offers?  Lord, I choose to rest in You and accept Your grace - the grace You offer to me - grace with my name on it. Thank you for teaching me in a whole new way what it means to let Your grace and peace rule in my heart. (Col 3:15) May your peace reign in me and as it reigns in me, may it reign in my relationships.  We were called to peace.  Thank you...

Day 11

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