Sunday, October 28, 2012

Letting Go of Useful...

This one's not a song... Just some lines from my heart yesterday.

I Don't Have to be Useful

I don't have to be useful, Lord.
Just let me be faithful.
Faithful to come.
To seek You and sit at your feet.
Faithful to worship and praise You
In the chaos and in the quiet.
Faithful to choose You first.
Faithful to love with all my heart,
To love You and to love those You've placed
In my home and path.

I don't have to be useful.
But yes, Lord, let me be faithful to love!
For what other usefulness is there?
What other perfection is there?
Ancient wisdom echoes through the ages

Without love there is no usefulness.
Yet, I can't love without You.
So I put my hope in You,
That You will love through me.
When I find myself full of selfishness and impatience.
When I find in myself nothing to give away,
I will look to You to forgive me
And fill me anew with your grace.
So I can be faithful again to love.

I don't have to be useful.
But let me be faithful.
Faithful to love.
~Melissa Ens

(Isn't my daughter amazing? She took the first 2 photos. How she got that shot of her own  eye/face I have no idea. She definitely did not get her talent and patience for photography from me!)