Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Here is a short video of Mikaela, Toby and myself sliding down a little hill we found while visiting Sequoia National Park a couple weeks ago. We played in the snow, although much of the time we were sinking in it up to our knees which provided us with some amusing challenges! We also saw the General Sherman tree and Mikaela was so amazed that it was really the biggest tree in the world. Before we left our lodge room, Toby hadn't wanted to go see the trees b/c he wanted to stay in the room and play. He threw a fit but we dragged him along anyway thinking it wouldn't be right to leave him in the room alone. :) What joy it brought this mother's heart when, as we walked through the giant trees, he said we were right and that he was really glad we came to see the trees cuz they were so neat. Will he be so quick to admit he was wrong and his parents were right in another 13 years? Well, I can always dream, can't I?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Potholes and Landmines

I was in a really good mood yesterday while driving Mikaela to school. It was the second day back from vacation and we were early for the second time! I was elated! When I'm feeling good like that I can't imagine ever feeling down again. God is good and He's done so much amazing (and painful) work in my life this last year I sometimes feel like I'm going to be free forever. It wasn't long ago that I looked ahead and felt like I saw a road riddled with huge potholes. I had to depend desperately on Christ to lead me through so I didn't fall into the pits of depression and self-condemnation and frustration stuck forever. He has led me and taught me so much that now I look ahead and see --- (Chuckle)... I was about to say I saw sunshine and meadows and blue skies, but knew that it was all a beautiful cover for a new challenge--navigating hidden landmines. There is no forever safe place until we reach heaven. Funny thing--no, hilarious thing--is that just then, the phone rang. It was Mikaela's school telling me she was supposed to be there early today (like every Thursday)... And I totally forgot. KABOOM! I just stepped on a landmine. Now, really, it wasn't a big deal. This was a small one. We semi-frantically got her to school about an hour late. So what? But what about the big ones that knock us flat and take the wind out of us? And why doesn't our faithful Shepherd who IS WITH US ALWAYS keep us from ever stepping on any to start with? Why doesn't He just eliminate all of them once and for all? Well, I have nothing but simple answers for those questions that at times seem trite but are still true. One thing I've learned is that I learn the most through the hard times and I am usually grateful for them after the fact. And I know that if He removed all the landmines and fixed all the potholes I wouldn't stay so close to Him. So I guess for now I'll just try to stay by my Shepherd and pay attention to His warnings and leadings... and enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts. :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here we go again!

Well, here I am, procrastinating again. But Paula inspired me and so I just had to see if I could find my blog and since Toby is sleeping and Mikaela is back at school after a really long winter vacation (she was "off-track")... here I am. With nothing to say. (How did that ever happen?) I should warn you, by the way, that if you are going to read anything I write, you can expect lots of (parentheses). I have ADD, you know, (or maybe you don't) and that means I am often thinking in too many directions at once. But here you get the inside scoop on all the stuff I usually edit when I'm talking. (What? You didn't think I editted when I talk? I do, I promise!) But this is getting too meaningless. If I'm gonna use up my precious time (and yours) (and if I expect you to read anything else I ever write) I have to have something profound to say... or do I? Maybe not. Or maybe I'll just come back later and write more when I think of something to say that's really worth saying. :)