Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here we go again!

Well, here I am, procrastinating again. But Paula inspired me and so I just had to see if I could find my blog and since Toby is sleeping and Mikaela is back at school after a really long winter vacation (she was "off-track")... here I am. With nothing to say. (How did that ever happen?) I should warn you, by the way, that if you are going to read anything I write, you can expect lots of (parentheses). I have ADD, you know, (or maybe you don't) and that means I am often thinking in too many directions at once. But here you get the inside scoop on all the stuff I usually edit when I'm talking. (What? You didn't think I editted when I talk? I do, I promise!) But this is getting too meaningless. If I'm gonna use up my precious time (and yours) (and if I expect you to read anything else I ever write) I have to have something profound to say... or do I? Maybe not. Or maybe I'll just come back later and write more when I think of something to say that's really worth saying. :)

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  1. Hey Mel,
    I love it that you are blogging, too. We can encourage one another on.

    And I like your meandering thoughts, so at least you know I'll check in occasionally. And as Simon told me when I sort of freaked out that people were actually looking at my blog, "Write because you love it. .. All the great stuff people write comes fromthe fact they just wanted to write something, not because the felt they had to :-)" When did our English friend become so wise?


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