Sunday, July 01, 2007

25 Years Later...

And I've almost completely forgotten where half the states in our blessed country are!Yesterday at a yard sale across the street I bought a US (including Hawaii, Alaska AND Puerto Rico) puzzle. You know, the kind where each state (except those teeny tiny New England states) are each a piece and they all fit together to form a big map (with some little maps on the side for the aforementioned non contiguous states.) (I should look those words up and make sure I got them right but I don't have time because we're supposed to be somewhere in 15 minutes.) (And I'm on the computer. Good grief.)

This being the week we celebrate our country's Independence I thought I should admit I have forgotten everything my 4th grade teacher taught me about where Alabama and the Dakotas and Iowa and Illinois are. Forgive me for being from a state that is so easy to find, but those other ones all get mixed up in my brain. SO I am determined to play with this puzzle every day this week (in honor of the 4th and 4th grade) and see if I can learn it again. Because even if I'm "only a housewife" (yes, yes, I know... I'm not ONLY a housewife and I'm not married to my house, BUT!) I should know where Missouri is!

Happy 4th of July everyone! And God bless America!


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Missouri is in the middle! All of them are somewhere in the middle!

    See, I too passed fourth grade!


  2. Melissa, the only way that I keep them straight is the fact that I am teaching 6th graders and they now teach the states in 5th grade and so I relearn them from my students. Kelly Brown aka Kelly McMillan


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