Sunday, July 22, 2007

Did I mention...

that we got a letter in the mail last weekend telling us our homestudy had been reviewed and we are now on the official waiting list to be matched with a child??? I still almost don't believe it because I didn't think we'd be on the list until our dossier was done. But I read the letter again yesterday and that's what it says! I still have a bit of scurrying around to do to get one more reference letter, copies of our passports, etc. for our dossier and I have to file our immigration paperwork (which is actually fairly simple, though quite expensive!), but in a couple of weeks we will enter a whole new period: WAITING. This morning at church during the pre-service prayer time we were in small groups and instructed to pray blessings over each other. The gal that prayed for me prayed for PATIENCE as we wait for our child. I was very grateful because from what I've heard, I'm going to need a lot of it. Back a while ago one night I had a very real awareness that I have another child over on the other side of the world that I haven't gotten to hold or see or smell yet. It's hard to fathom and the more it sinks in the harder it will get to be patient. I'm so glad God is in charge of the timing. It makes it easier to be at peace. Based on what we know, I still guess it will be 4-8 months before we are matched with a child and then 7-9 months before we get to bring him/her home. But only God knows for sure.


  1. Waiting can definately be hard. It doesn't matter if you are waiting for a child on the other side of the world or right inside of you :)
    I'll be praying for patience for you & the fam, but also that your new family member will be here soon. Maybe our two little ones will be close enough to play together.

  2. The reality of your new little one is setting in and we are thrilled that everything is moving forward. I will be praying that God continues to prepare your little one's heart and yours too. God knows what He is doing and we can trust in Him with everything. We serve a great God!


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