Monday, July 16, 2007

Morning Glory!

Oh you guys! Yesterday I got up and went for a walk. (Yes, that by itself is very amazing.) It was wonderful. I had some great worship music to listen to on my MP3 player (which, you know, makes me really cool with those wires sticking out of my ears and all, though not as cool as an iPod would make me) and it was nice and cool out and it was shady and all that made it really nice. BUT THEN!
I looked up at the sky and it was absolutely glorious. The picture above was taken when I got home and shows a little of what I saw... The sun was further below the clouds so the rays of the sun were shooting out through and above the clouds and it was magnificent. I was fairly overwhelmed with gratitude... for God helping me get out and that I was walking the right direction so I could see it and with the beautiful music playing in my ears... it was glorious.
As I looked at the sun I started seeing lots of sun spots whenever I looked away and it reminded me that the more I look at Jesus, the more I will keep seeing Him when I'm looking anywhere else. But like sun spots, Son spots will fade if I don't keep looking back to Him.
May you see Jesus today and keep seeing evidence of Him in everything else as well!

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