Monday, July 09, 2007

So Grateful!

This morning I was reading Heather's blog. She has an amazing testimony and I am always encouraged by what she says. Anyway, Sunday she asked people to leave comments sharing how they had been encouraged by someone in life. I wanted to share what I wrote.

While I think of my mom first because she taught me so much about how faithful and good God always has been and always will be, I was struck this morning by how incredible my husband is. He is such a gift from God to me. When I struggled with post-partum and other depression in the last years, he was so patient and loving and helpful. He encouraged me to remember what the truth was and encouraged me to get help from a therapist when neither of us knew what else to do. He is so faithful to our marriage and guards it fiercely (in a healthy way!) He loves me and honors me and encourages me to pursue my dreams even when I think they’re unreachable. He is such a good father and is my partner until death to us part. God is my Rock, my Redeemer and Savior, but my husband is a great great gift to me. In the day to day
struggles of life when we let each other down and step on each other’s toes too often I forget to be grateful for him. Thank you for giving me a chance to remember. : )

I had been thinking lately that I talk a lot about my kids and myself on my blog, but not much about Lowell. He is an amazing husband and I'm so glad he's mine. : )

(I love you Babe!)

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  1. Thanks Melissa for sharing this! It is always good to remember how amazing our husbands are! I've enjoyed reading your thanks!



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