Thursday, July 05, 2007

Confessions of a Blogger

That sounds so dramatic. Don't worry, this isn't going to be that exciting. : ) I just figure that since I actually have people reading my blog I should give you all something to read! : ) So here are some things I just need to let you know because even if I cheat when I'm playing a game I always admit it right afterward because I'm just like that. Here goes! Confession #1 - I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! Scary, huh? (But I don't really know who you are. So don't worry too much.) You see that little box down on the left side of my blog that says "sitemeter"? Well, it means the sitemeter people are tracking how many people are visiting my blog. The first time I clicked on that box on somebody else's blog I was quite disturbed to see their sitemeter page with a little map on it with a red dot on Fresno CA and if I moved my cursor to the red dot it said "" which is my internet provider. Just a little freaky, people. I set up an account with them (after I got over the freaky part of it) so I could find out if anyone was reading my blog or not because if I don't get any comments I don't know if anyone is visiting my blog unless they tell me. And if nobody's coming, I might keep writing, but then again, I might not. Anyway, I have my sitemeter thing set so that nobody else can see my stats, but I at least know that there are a handful of you out there reading this. Someday you'll have to let me know why. : ) And I felt like I should let you know. Confession #2 - I HAVEN'T TOUCHED THE PUZZLE ALL WEEK. My husband would say that means I lied. I prefer to think of it as meaning I didn't keep my word which is different than intending to deceive you, but still not good. (Not that you are really going to be upset because I haven't done a puzzle, but still!) So I have decided I'm not going make commitments to "you" anymore because I don't seem to feel the same sense of accountability to "you" as I do to "real people" (not because you're not "real", but because I don't really know who most of you are.) : ) But by saying I'm not making any more commitments to you, I'm sort of making a commitment to you. SIGH. Confession #3 - MY KITCHEN IS A BIG MESS AND MY SON JUST TOLD MY DAUGHTER HE IS PREGNANT. Apparantly I need to stop blogging and tend to my motherly duties before things really get out of control around here. Bye for now!


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Yes, I'm here, reading!
    It's like a little chat with you whenever I get to stop by and hear what you have to say. Sorry for not commenting so much!!

    So here's what happened to me today- we went to the pool in our townhome community and I met another mom married to a Colombian! And she is also a teacher! And, GET THIS- her name was Stacie. Not Stacy, Stacey or Staci, but STACIE. And she is only one year older than me!
    I was hearing twilight zone music all around me! What are the odds?!?!
    Her husband and Carlos had a great time hablando and we are going to hang out with them again very soon.

    Isn't that too funny?

    So now I have hijacked your blog with my own interesting (hopefully) story which you are probably wishing I would go and get my own blog to tell!

    Thanks for sharing your AWESOME blog with me, my dear!

    Stacie (one of many, evidently!)

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    And my warmest congrats to Toby too!



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