Monday, July 30, 2007

The Antelopes Made Me Cry

OK.  So I'm talking about antelope onions and I wasn't exactly crying, though my eyes were definitely burning as I was dicing them tonight.  But I thought it might get your attention and perhaps make up for the lack of blogging during these last few days.  How or why, I have no idea.
Apparently, I'm tired and have almost completely lost my mind!  (That should make my appt. with the psychologist even more interesting Wednesday!)  I have actually been getting quite a bit done (Thank You Jesus!!!) and I am very grateful for that. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll be packed on time Thursday.  I still have much to do to accomplish that!
So since I have some things to do (like deal with Mikaela who says she's having bad dreams right now) I'll leave you with this question:
When was the last time you REALLY thought about "John 3:16"?  I saw it (just the reference) on somebody's business card today and stopped to think about it for a moment.  As I recalled the verse I got teary thinking about God the Father loving the world so much, giving His Son to save us.  Those words haven't been the same to me since my kids--especially for some reason, my son--were born.  When I think of standing by and letting anybody hurt my children, I can hardly comprehend how God allowed Jesus to be beaten and die because He loved me and you and the rest of the world. 
John 3:16...  May it never lose its power.

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