Thursday, April 07, 2011


The gray sky outside is dripping big fat drops of rain.
Lightning flashes.  (Wow, that was close.)
The drops splash on the window.
The thunder rolls.
And it seems to fit with the gray in my heart today.
It reminds me of something someone said once...
That all sunshine and no rain would make me a desert inside.
(It's hailing now.)  (Wow!  That's a lot of hail!)

It reminds me that in the summertime, when there is nothing but sun,
I don't appreciate it anymore.
I hide from it.
All sun and no rain...  isn't always that much fun.

But sunshine after the rain???
Sunshine after the clouds???
There's nothing like it.
Like a sunrise after a long night...

So, Lord, I say thank You.
Thank You for the ways rainy days in my heart can water my roots.
Thank You for the ways rain clears the air in my mind.
Thank You for the ways hard days can make me stronger.
Thank You for the ways my weakness can make room for You to be glorified.
Thank You for teaching me to depend on You.
Thank You for seasons that come and go and all have a purpose.

Thank You for the excitement of thunder and lightning.
Thank You for the thrill of engaging in the real Battle.
Thank You for promises of victory.
Thank You for promises of Your Presence and Your Power.

Thank You for the rain.

Day 27

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  1. Love it! Great minds; grab the camera, lol. Good thing we haven't transplanted our sprouts. Check out Nate's blog.



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