Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Crazy Faith

A few more thoughts about Rebekah and her crazy faith.

I guess that first night they were too busy celebrating to discus a timeline, because in the morning Abraham's servant was ready to go.  With God's help, he had accomplished his task and he was in a hurry to return with Isaac's new bride.  Rebekah's brother and mom (of course!) objected, however, requesting that she stay for ten more days first.  This was all quite sudden and understandably, they weren't ready to say goodbye quite yet.

But they agreed to ask Rebekah to see what she would say.  ("Surely," her mom must have thought, "she won't be ready to leave already!!!")  But Rebekah - incredibly, if you ask me - says she will go.  Right then.  She said goodbye to her family and left with this stranger to go to a strange land to marry a man she had yet to meet when the very day before she was not even dreaming about or wondering about or preparing herself to go to anywhere (as far as we know.)

Crazy faith.  Amazing faith.  I'm so glad God hasn't asked me to do that.  I can't imagine learning tonight that I was moving and then discovering in the morning that we were leaving that very day.  I wonder how hard it was for Rebekah and her family to say goodbye.  (I'm glad she at least got to take her nurse and maids with her.)  But saying goodbye to her family must have been heartwrenching. We don't know if she held back her tears as much as she could until the camels were on their way, but I'm certain the trip was an emotional one.  And she did it anyway.

Lord, thank you for examples of faith.  Thank you for so many examples of your FAITHFULNESS.  When I dread packing again in a few months and saying goodbye to people, remind me of Rebekah and brave people like her...  May I be so willing.

"So they called Rebekah and asked her, 'Will you go with this man?'
'I will go,' she said."
Genesis 24:58

Day 35


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I am enjoying your blogging on Rebekah. Yup, crazy. In my world. I cannot imagine being asked to do that or being willing to go. How do ask for confirmation on that. "God, is this really your plan?" What kind of sign would be adequate?

    Sorry, I didn't get a chance to say hi yesterday. We had an afternoon commitment. Hope you had a good day!


  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hmm, I guess Jacob's been on my computer...

    Sheri, Really.


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