Friday, April 08, 2011


I was going to try to post something thoughtful right now, but just changed my mind.  : )  Even though most of you won't read this until tomorrow or later, I'm doing a tribute to Friday.  Because today was Friday and Lowell just showed me a really cool Friday video.

Now.  Some of you are afraid of what might be coming because you know who Rebecca Black is.  This girl became an almost overnight youtube sensation (though not in the best way) for her music video "Friday."  (Click here to get the gist of the video or the rest of this won't make as much sense to you...)

I think she's a decent singer, but honestly the lyrics are just so very, very bad.  The biggest problem is how the song gets stuck in my head.  Running through my head in the middle of the night kind of stuck!  

There are lots of people making their own versions of the song now and THIS ONE is so fun.  So THIS is my tribute to Friday.  I hope yours was a nice one.  : )

Day 28

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