Saturday, April 02, 2011

Content Anyway

Well.  Today did not turn out the way I had planned.  Every year for the last 20 years(!) I have been at the MCC Sale - almost always on both Friday and Saturday.  There was great food, neat things and (my favorite!) lots and lots of people to see!  It was like a homecoming reunion of sorts every year.  To top it off, for most of the years since we've been married (which will be 15 this month!) we have hosted or helped host a party after the Sale where our college friends from in and out of town and we would get together and the kids could run around in an enclosed space where we could relax without worrying about them getting lost in the crowds and we could all get caught up on life.  

So while I did make it to the Sale last night, I realized before we left that I was getting sick - achy, fever, chills kind of sick.  So instead of catching up with old friends there and at the party after today, I caught up with my pillow and Tivo.  While my family was out being social, I stayed in and enjoyed the quiet.

I also missed going to see Beth Moore this weekend - right here in my home town!  I had already decided a couple of weeks ago that it was going to be too much to try to squeeze in her event last night and this morning into this weekend.  It took some pretty clear direction from God to show me I would survive not seeing her this weekend and I'm so glad I had already determined to agree with God and be content.  Because if I'd had my heart set on that plus the rest and had to miss it all today I would have been very disappointed.  

But that was the thing I was so thankful for today.  I was content and at peace.  Even knowing this was quite likely the last MCC Sale and post-Sale party I would be attending for maybe a very long time.  I was okay.  I was thankful for a quiet place to rest and people to help my husband with the kids while they were out.  I didn't do a lot of serious meditating or anything (my brain was too tired), but did get to play around with redesigning my blog layout.  If you're on the actual blog and not in a reader, you'll see the name has changed...  

It's been 2 years since I last changed the name and it didn't seem to fit with where I am anymore, so I thought some more about the blog address ( and looked up some definitions of musing and decided that was it!  Why be complicated?  So now the name of the blog matches the name of the blogsite.  Hopefully it won't be confusing to people for too long.  : )

OK.  Bye for now!  : )

Day 23

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  1. Hey Mel... I´m glad God comforted you and that you could rest. Knowing myself... and even with something that happened today... I would have had a hard time or struggled with the choice of being content. I need to grow in this, and it encourages me to see that you are growing too or have grown in this :). I think the bottom line is choosing our attitude... and letting God give us His peace. let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.. wow! just made that connection there. love ya! do let me know how late into the summer you think you´ll be in Fresno!!


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