Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's the End of the World as We Know It...

And I think I feel fine. : ) Well, it's actually just the end of summer vacation. Mikaela starts first grade tomorrow! Which means she's going to have to be at school at 8:00am everyday (no, not Saturdays and Sundays, silly!) Anyway, her class will still be taught 90 percent in Spanish and 10 percent English (which amounts to about an hour a day) and as the years go by she will end up with 50/50 Spanish and English in 5th and 6th grade where all the kids are so fluent in both languages it is close to impossible to tell which language is their first language. Which is so cool! In case you don't know, my hubby and I both speak Spanish, so we love it for lots of reasons. So if you've been reading my blog since the beginning of summer you might remember that I had a list of things to accomplish. And I'm grateful that I think we did a pretty good job. While we didn't have her friends from school over, we did go to VBS with a couple of them and both of those girls are in her class this year. : ) I also DID get a lot done for our adoption, even though we haven't started our taxes yet... (Don't panic, we have until October to file.) But what I'm most glad about is that we enjoyed the days and weeks and went camping a couple times and the kids just played and played and life felt more peaceful (except for a few weeks ago when you might recall I was about to lose my mind). And amazingly, I'm sort of ready to get back into a routine and expecting it will go well. We're also carpooling!!! My good friend Paula's kids are starting at our school this year and they live very close to us so they're taking the morning shift and I'm bringing Mik, Elena and Ethan home. Hopefully it will turn out to be a time, money and sanity saving venture for us all. Tomorrow I'll try to report on how it went along with pictures of our big first-grader. As for now, her clothes are ready, her backpack is ready, her shoes are ready... If only she could fall asleep......... : )

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  1. So very, very cool, the Spanish thing. Why, Lord, oh, why couldn't we have just stayed in California for our children to learn a second language? Daniel and I have always wanted our kids to know a second language, any language, although in America, Spanish would be the obvious best choice. And God is fulfilling our wishes beyond our wildest dreams!!! (said a little tongue in cheek...) It does open up parts of he brain like nothing else does, and learning other languages after will be easier (almost any language will be easy after learning Croatian:-) I was going to ask you how old your kids are. Rebeccah is in first grade this year also, but should be in second. We held her back last year, since we had just moved here, and sent her to preschool again to pick up as much of the language as possible before starting real school. OK, message too long. Gonna quit now.


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