Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fruity Update

While we're on the subject of updates (see below) I thought I'd let you know about the current fruit situation. I am very sad to say that we have discovered another threat to our trees lives. (Prepare to smack me on the forehead.) NOT ENOUGH WATER! (You can smack me now, but not too hard, please, because Lowell's really the one in charge of our yard.) Our O'Henry peach tree, which should be full of gorgeous, big, luscious peaches right now has some sad looking very small peaches... and a bunch of broken branches. "A bunch" as in there are more that broke than there are that didn't. It looks so sad that I can't even bear to take a picture of it. (And it's dark outside and I don't want to go out there right now...) I think the water for the trees is quite symbolic of the time I spend reading the Bible and praying. No matter how well I'm doing everything else, if I'm not spending enough time abiding with Him the results will be small at best and disastrous at worst. John 15 has always been one of my favorite passages, yet I can still at times get out of my routines and find myself not spending as much time praying and in the Word until God smacks me on the head and gets my attention. (Please don't ask me where all this head-smacking came from tonight. It's late.) I hope and pray that you all are spending time with Jesus on a regular basis. And that you're not discouraged when it feels like what you're reading or praying is water running off of dry ground. Eventually the water WILL sink in if we keep asking Him to pour it on. I promise.

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