Saturday, August 11, 2007

On a More Positive Note...

I took these pictures a couple days ago because I thought they gave a glimpse of some sort (what sort, I'm not sure) into my life or at least my house and some of the messes I'm currently dealing with. (See, I told you you'd be getting more pictures!) First, I give you the fridge magnet display which isn't really messy but it does have a picture that is probably 2 years old of my nephew Matthew, the word "fox" (which Mikaela wanted to spell with an "a" in the middle because in Spanish the "a" makes the "ah" sound. Please don't panic... she'll be just fine, I promise.), and up on top I'm just sure one of my brilliant children was trying to spell "ingenuity" (which, I might add, I didn't even spell right the first time.)

Next we have the state of my almost new bedroom. We just have to clean it out and get some laminate flooring down and we'll be ready to move in. (Yes, I know... it's huge!) It should only take us, oh, another few months at the rate we seem to go. Well, hopefully just a few weeks. Maybe by my birthday!

But it is very, very exciting. And we really need to get in there quick because I keep thinking of stuff to put on the walls (like blown up versions of these pictures I took last week... I'm doing a beach theme)
And I might just keep buying more and more stuff if we don't get in there soon.

Lastly, I give you Mikaela's kitchen.

This is actually a workbench that she uses as a desk--or kitchen, or whatever her imagination (or whatever is piled upon it) dictates that day. So a couple days ago she called me in to give me the tour of her new kitchen. It included dishes, cookbooks, food, salt and pepper shakers AND EVEN balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. Apparently we've taught her some things well... And though cleaning up is still almost always a BIG challenge, today something miraculous happened. Toby--all by himself, although clearly with Divine inspiration-- discovered that he could pretend his arms were BIG STRONG CRANES! (He was very loud during this process.) And he was looking for stuff to pick up and put away. This is my Toby who normally whines and cries about not being able to clean anything up because it's too hard... I have no idea how long the BIG STRONG CRANES will be around, but I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep them as long as possible because he cleaned up more with them than I've ever seen him clean up with his hands. Ever.

And now I'm going to go help my daughter go to sleep because she keeps thinking about the spider that jumped on her leg today and feeling like it's there again. I'm sure you understand. : )

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  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    very fun!
    great pictures and stories to go with them... :-)



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