Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Bit Mixed Up

I knew this was going to happen.  I feel sort of as if my life/routines are puzzle pieces that I had gotten into a nice picture and now the whole thing got dropped on the floor or somehow has been all mixed up and when I put the pieces back together this time it's going to make a different picture, so I can't just try to put them back where they were.  How/where I'm serving at church right now is changing, our house is (hopefully) changing soon, our adoption process is in transition (from work, work, work, to wait, wait, wait).    It's happening to my spiritual life right now, too.  Everything feels out of place and unsettled—my journaling, my prayer time, Bible study, worship, intercession…  Even stuff as simple as when to take a shower isn't the same as it was a week ago or last year.  But I know that if I give things time, we'll settle into a new routine.


I have to be patient.  


I am so thankful that it's really only the details that are changing.  The foundational pieces of my life are still the same:  my family and my God.  And as long as God doesn't change, I know I'll be alright.  J

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