Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So Much to Say! (But then, what's new about that???)

Well, hello my faithful friends!!! Life around here has slowed down a bit. (Sigh. I'm SO glad!) So I thought since it's been (GASP!) almost a week since I added anything to my blog it was time! So here I will share with you some pictures (worth several thousand words you should be grateful you don't have to read) of our camping trip to Morro Bay, CA where we spent several days playing, laughing and getting sunburned even though it was overcast for all but maybe 15 minutes.

This first one is MOST of the group we were with. It's missing one family (who didn't come with us to the museum) and one crying child (Caleb Parra) who refused to be in the picture. I don't have any pictures of the Ebury family, but I do have pictures of the crying child when he was playing with Toby at a different time with our fabulously stylish tent trailer in the background. : ) Dontcha just love it??? (And Carlos, your picture is officially on the internet on somebody's blog.)

Here is a picture of Lowell at the beach with his girls. They didn't pose this way for the picture. They were already sitting on him when I got there. : )

This is Mikaela and Toby with their adorable cousin Caleb who lives in San Luis Obispo (not to be confused with Caleb Parra who is missing from the group picture above). Caleb brought his parents (Lowell's brother Matt and Matt's wife Anne-Therese) to Toby's party because he'd never gotten to hit a pinata before.

We took care of that.

And last but not least... THIS is Toby's cake!!! And Toby, of course. It was his birthday we were celebrating after all. : )

So there you have it. 6000 words worth of pictures and only a few hundred to read. I call that a bargain! I wish I had video of the ROARING (thanks, Duane) campfire and the singing we got to do the last night. It was so sweet. But we were all too busy enjoying ourselves to take any pictures, so (unless you were there) you'll just have to join us next year and experience it for yourself, okay???


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Love the pictures!

    Great memories... it all ended too fast.

    The action shot of my Caleb and Toby is too cute. Watching everyone's precious kids play together has to be one of the most rewarding things there is. (Well, except the times they were whomping on each other, but we'll forget those times, shall we? :)

    I already can't wait til next year!!



  2. oh I am so happy you put up these pictures...I have missed Paula and her family so much and it is nice to see them in your pictures!:)
    so thank you
    (Paula's sister)

    p.s. it looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. Wow! I haven't seen some of those faces in a long time. I recognize mostly everybody, and I assume those I don't recognize are spouses.. It really reminds me of gatherings we have with friends...a few adults and a whole bunch of kids!!

    Anyway, I'm glad you wrote back with the website of your blog.. its fun to see what's going on with you guys. Your kids look so much like you and Lowell! They are cute. Anything new on the adoption?

    Well, gotta go... say Hi to Lowell for me!



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