Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adoption Update

Hooray! Our dossier is now in the care of a courier in Maryland who is going to take it to the US State Dept and then to the Thai Embassy for the final steps of authentication, certification and legalization. While we're waiting, we have a few other papers to work on and get ready to be sent up to the Holt office in Eugene, Oregon with our dossier when we get it back from the courier. Once Holt receives it we will REALLY be on the REAL waiting list to be matched with our REAL child! (Right now we're on the list sort of tentatively, pending their receipt of our dossier.) Holt will then send it to Thailand. We're also working on immigration paperwork right now. They are still saying that the time from when they receive our dossier to when we are matched is about 6-8 months for a boy, and more for a girl (we don't have a preference). And once we have a match we agree to it could be 7-9 months til we travel to pick him/her up in Thailand. (And yes, we are planning on taking our kids with us, crazy as it may be.) But again, only God knows how long it will really take. It could be slower or faster. And... if you check out the Holt website, right now there is a 3.5 minute video you can watch of some families meeting their new children for the first time in China. On the main page, look toward the bottom on the left and you should see the video link. Our situation will likely be very different, but it's still interesting (and of course a little emotional!) to see. : )

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  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    OK! Still crying from video!

    That was beautiful though... what got me was the shot of the line of baby gils in the hall waiting for that first meeting.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.



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