Thursday, June 14, 2007

So much to say...

Where do I begin? I am almost overwhelmed (as in if I think about it too much I might start crying) at how good God has been to us. Today was Mikaela's last day of kindergarten. Ever. Last year about this time I was fretting about choosing Track C afternoon with Mrs. Lucero or Track B morning with a new teacher. It felt like a complicated decision for lots of reasons. But I begged and pleaded for God to lead us and get our daughter in the right class and did He ever. Sra. Lucero is without exagerration the best Kinder teacher I have ever seen. Even Toby is sad to be leaving her. He said today, "But Mikaela's new teacher won't know my name!" (I assured him that by the end of the first day she probably would.) And he said, "But Sra. Lucero always lets me give her a big hug!" (Awww.....)

The first time I saw her class (7 years ago) I was amazed and apalled that I wasn't teaching my students nearly as much as she was. When I visited again a year ago I felt like I was home. She was who God had picked for us and I am so glad. (And the afternoon schedule ended up being PERFECT for our non-morning-people family. Thank you Lord!) (And if we'd picked track B we would NOT be on vacation until August. Thank you Lord again!!!)

As I was revelling in the joy of being on vacation this afternoon (I felt almost instantly less stressed) I found myself reminiscing about summer vacations back when I was a kid (in the old days, as Mikaela would say). Granted, we were off for about 3 months instead of 2, but they seemed to last so long. I was wishing somehow I could make this break last as long as those summers seemed to. I want to play with my kids and do projects with them and go camping and maybe to VBS somewhere and take naps and read books and go for walks (sometimes known as exercise) and go swimming (an even more enjoyable version of the same) and play in the sprinklers and make popsicles and, and... Sigh.

But rather than set myself up for disappointment by creating a long list of things to accomplish, I think my list will be short and simple:
  • Teach kids about Jesus
  • Play with kids
  • Practice resting
  • Work on adoption and file taxes (all play and no work uh..... causes problems.)
  • Try to have Mikaela's friends from school over if it works, don't stress if it doesn't.
  • Take things one day at a time
  • (Ok... and do laundry and make dinner and stuff like that.)
I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I love your to-do list... may I borrow it?
    Kindergarten has been such an emotional thing for me too. It was so scary to begin in September and now I'm so sad that it's over. It felt safe and separate from the rest of the big world of public school.
    We still have three days left! Three fun filled days for mommy to get all choked up again! Boo Hoo!

    We'll plan that campout soon!

  2. Sure you can borrow my list, Stacie! Does that mean you'll be coming to my house to do my laundry and cook for me??? :) (hee hee) I feel the same about the safety of the Kinder world. I hope your last 3 days are filled with good memories and celebrations.

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Mel ~ That is a great plan. I thrive on a schedule, so I am already stressing over not having anything to do! ACK! I need to work on relaxing and just enjoying the time with all my guys home together.

    I have a loose schedule of random things to do which include:
    1. visit the library.
    2. free movies, Tues/Wed at 10am at both Signature and Edwards, G-rated family movies.
    3. Play at the park or mall, depending on the temp.
    4. Play in the sprinkler, pool, trampoline, aka just be outside (maybe exercise).
    5. Do something with one child at a time, this is tough with 4 kids at home.

    Then there are THOSE OTHER THINGS, like laundry, dinner, practice addition and writing (which we have not done), lol. I love summer. I also love that the grandparents love having the kids over. I love that I can spend time alone with my husband.

    I am blessed!
    Sheri T.


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