Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I Cannot Help but Praise You {Day 5 of Songs from My Heart}

This morning it was rainy and gray. We got home yesterday from a packed trip to Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma visiting a bunch of people and churches and even a school to share with them about our call to Peru. It was tiring but really good. And upon preparing to come back (I'm starting to feel strange calling Fresno "home") I was sort of expecting to feel overwhelmed today. With all the things there are to do in the weeks ahead as we anticipate leaving for Peru just after Thanksgiving (we hope!) there is a mountain of stuff for God to get done. : ) Much, much to do! 

I usually come home from trips worn out and less than enthusiastic about cleaning up and unpacking and getting back into the normal routine. I often end up fighting to not get depressed. But today, to my surprise, I woke up in a good mood! Not fighting the blues and grays like I expected. Instead for most of the day I've had joy and peace that doesn't make any sense. Could be denial, but I'm gonna choose to believe it's God's wild grace and proof that if I trust Him and walk with Him He'll guard my heart with peace that is beyond comprehension.

Which leads me to today's song. It was written several years ago & roughly recorded (as in I cringe a few times when I listen to it!) in 2009.  : )  Click here* if you want to listen to it.

*Might I suggest you right click and select "open in new window" or new tab to listen and read along at the same time. Or right click and select "save link as" to download.)

I Cannot Help But Praise You

I cannot help but praise You (3x)
‘Cause You’ve done so much for me

You’ve given me peace
You’ve given me life
You’ve given me power to stand in the strife
You’ve given me joy
You’ve rescued my soul
Your love is amazing and there’s so much more

I cannot help but praise You (3x)
Because of who You are to me

You’ve filled me with hope
You’ve shown me your truth
With every sunrise your mercy is new
You’re changing me Lord
You’ll show me your way
As I seek You day by day by day

Your love gives me joy, peace, patience, kindness
Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
And as I abide in You, You abide in me
Until there’s so much fruit it over-overflows

And for eternity I’ll praise You
For eternity I’ll praise You (2x)
As I bow before Your throne
Singing “Crown You with many crowns!”

           And Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
           The Lord God Almighty upon the throne
           You are worthy to receive
           Honor, glory, praise and power for eternity!

So for eternity we’ll praise You
For eternity we’ll praise You
For all eternity we’ll praise You
And You’ll reign forevermore!
M. Ens 6.1.07

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  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    love this! love the kids in the background too! so funny :) this song is beautiful... when can i get the album please? then I can learn them too :) stacie p.


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