Saturday, October 01, 2011


Be still my soul
Breathe and know
My God loves me
He loves me
Jesus loves me

Trust in His love
Rest in His grace
Never failing

Be still
Be still


Emily @ is frequently inspiring me.  She and some almost 600 others are participating in a 31 Day blogging challenge/marathon/party...  To blog for 31 days in October about something.  Anything.  When I first heard the idea I thought pretty quickly about sharing my songs.  So I'm going to try to do that.  Sometimes I hope I'll actually get a recording up here as well so you can HEAR it instead of just read the lyrics - but I can't do that every time.

Or tonight. : )

Sometimes you'll get an explanation about the song and what it means/meant to me and sometimes you won't.

Like tonight.  : )

We're at the tail end of our whirlwind tour of Kansas, Oklahoma and even a little bit of Missouri. So breathing is about all I am going to try to do for now.  And if I can get an internet connection tomorrow, I'll post another song for y'all to read.

See ya tomorrow...  : )

31 Days of Songs from My Heart {Day 1}

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