Monday, October 10, 2011

Hold My Hand (Day 10 of 31 days)

This is a simple little song written a few years ago...  I think it's funny to use the image I did in the middle of a "little lost dog" (it's not terribly poetic), but it was and still is such a fitting description of how I can feel at times.  Wandering aimlessly through my days - pretty sure I'm supposed to be getting somewhere  but not sure how.  It's my prayer these days as I trust God to lead me and as I long to walk hand in hand with Him.

Hold My Hand
“Remember – it is My job to hold on to you…  not just the other way around.”

PLEASE Lord, hold my hand
Don’t let me go
I can’t stand without You
I get lost without You
In the sun and the fog
Can’t find my way without You
Like a little lost dog

But I cannot stay with You on my own
I am too weak, but You are so strong
Bind my heart to yours
Fix my eyes upon You
So that all distractions fade
In Your face of Truth
You are my Way
Please help me to walk with You

M. Ens  9.20.06

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