Friday, October 07, 2011

All Creation Sings

This was one of the very first songs I ever wrote and it's still one of my favorites...

All Creation Sings
In the beauty of the mountain peaks I see Your majesty
Your power in the mighty ocean waves
Your loving, gentle touch, a cool summer breeze
Your refreshing in the falling rain
Your faithfulness in the rising sun
Your healing in the dawn of Spring
Your joy and delight is the laughter of a child
Of You, all creation sings

Lord, You're bigger than the sky above yet closer to me
Than the very air that I breathe
The grandest canyons wide could never hold all Your love
And Your truth is a rock for eternity
Your freedom is like the eagle as it soars
Your Word like a fire that burns in me
The light of heaven shines in the moon and stars at night
The universe sings of Your glory

So Lord unto You I lift this, my humble prayer
That the world would somehow see
More of You and less of me
Of You, may my life sing
Of your love, and of your power, of your peace, hope and joy
May my life sing        
M. Ens  1995

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