Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sleepy Slow Saturday

I just want to clear up some myths that are still floating around. 
  • The tooth fairy and Santa Claus aren't real.
  • You CAN go swimming right after you eat (or even while you are eating if you're really coordinated).
  • I DO NOT really have time to maintain a blog.
You see, some people mistakenly are amazed that I have a blog because they don't know how I could have the time because they don't have time for such an exciting literary hobby.  Let me explain.  It's really because when I entered into college at the illustrious Fresno Pacific University, I quickly got my Professional Procrastinator's license and I am hard at work maintaining it to this day.  Right now, for example, I am accruing Professional Procrastinator Development units by avoiding the dishes in the kitchen that need to be taken care of and by not working on our taxes.
Seriously though, I do most of my writing after my kids are in bed (or sometimes on a Saturday morning like this.)  Except for trying hard to get the dishes done every night, I've quit pushing myself to keep working on the house or laundry or whatever until I am exhausted and it's time for bed.  I've discovered that I am more motivated to get things done in the morning if I have given myself a break at night for a least a while.  (I don't know if I actually get more done or not, but at least I'm not so grumpy.) And I happen to love the whole blogging thing.  It's been fun and it's neat to know that there is a small group of people out there who enjoy reading my blog and knowing too much about my life. 
I have lived a couple of hours away from my dad since I was 4 and though we've always been in contact, he knows more than ever about me now because from the very beginning of my blogging several months ago he has been one of my most faithful readers.   (That alone would have made having this blog worth it!J) Just recently my stepdad has started printing out my blog (including old posts) for my technologically-challenged mom, so they're reading it now, too.  Oddly enough, they (along with some of my siblings) are getting a glimpse of sides of me that mostly my friends and maybe church have seen up to now.  It was a little scary when I first started this to tell them all about it...  maybe because I still care too much about what they think.
Well, I think it's time to get to work.  (See?  Now I'm more motivated to do something!)  QUICK UPDATES:  Our bedroom floor is done except for the closet and baseboards.  You can expect an extremely exciting post chronicling it all soon.  I hope!  AND I think my article is coming out very soon in the Christian Leader magazine.  (I'm wondering if I'll get to see it before my in-laws do b/c they always get their copy in the mail before we do.)  I'll post it (or a link to it) here, too, in case you don't get the magazine.  AND our dossier (adoption papers) are almost totally done and ready to be sent to Thailand.  Amazing!!!
Thanks so much for reading, everyone.  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Yes, I do look faithfully to see what you have written, and I have enjoyed the posts. I have learned a few things, as I'm sure others have also. Keep it up as time (or Lowell and the kids) permits. Dad


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