Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Only have a Minute...

Because Mikaela is setting up a card game for us to play even as I sit here, so I have to hurry. I had a lot of things to talk about until I started writing and then they all ran away as fast as they could (probably chanting "You can't catch us! We're all of your good ideas that will inspire your readers and make them smile!" though I don't know how that could be chanted.) Mikaela is ready now. One last thing. I got to talk on the phone last night with my sister-in-law Carmen who is living for Jesus in Thailand. And SHE has already gotten a copy of the Christian Leader magazine for this month and got to read my article. Funny thing is, we haven't seen it yet. Somehow it gets to Thailand faster than to Fresno. : ) Who knew!?! Have a great Saturday everyone! ~Melissa

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