Monday, September 03, 2007

Season's Greetings from the Ens Family!

Since we didn't send out a Christmas letter last year, I thought today would be an appropriate day to send out a greeting.  Toby came out this morning carrying two little doggies who were both wearing Christmas hats and when I asked him about it, after a moment of thought, he said it was because today was "Dog Christmas!"  So in honor of Dog Christmas, because even dogs can celebrate Jesus being born and with the whole 7:1 year ratio thing they really should celebrate Christmas 7 times a year, we are wishing you all a very Merry Dog Christmas and a Yappy New Year. 
J ~Melissa

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  1. thank you for your sweet words!! You really lifted my soul and brighten my......evening - thank you!!!

    Your kids are precious!!!

    Had fun reading through your blog!!

    Have a great day!!tomorrow!!



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