Friday, September 07, 2007

The New and Improved (not really) Honeybee Blog!

Don't worry...  only the name has changed!  As you can see everything else is, well, almost exactly the same.  I thought of the new name the other day and liked it, thinking it's a bit more ummm...  casual? and English?  than the old name (La Miel de Melissa), which was pretty if you knew how to read it in Spanish, but probably not so pretty otherwise.  And like I said way back when I started this blog, it sounded more sophisticated than I really amJ  But I kept the old name anyway because of what it meant.  Like I explained here, my name means "Honeybee" and it's become quite significant to me this year.  So I hope you don't mind the name change and that you keep coming back to see what this Honeybee is buzzing about.   J

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