Monday, September 10, 2007

I don't know what to say.

Well, I'm sitting here thinking I should write something on my blog because it's been a couple of days, but I'm suffering from a bit of Blogger's Block.  I think it's because the article I wrote for the Christian Leader has (as far as I know) been printed and is on its way to coffee tables all over the continent maybe even as I type.  And at the end of the article it mentions my blogsite (in the bio info.)  And Lowell thinks that people will read the article and check out my blog.  Hence the Blogger's Block!
I don't really expect tons of people to look at it, but nonetheless, it's a bit scary to think about.  I was quite comfortable sharing my thoughts (silly or serious) with the handful of friends and family I know read it and even random strangers from around the world who occasionally find it through comments I've left on other blogs.  But this is different!  I don't have the fabulous Connie Faber editing my writing here and what I blog about is just off-the-top-of-my-head stuff, not carefully outlined, organized, drafted, editted for hours and finalized.  Augh! 
Well, I expect that mostly people who already know my husband or me (but didn't know I had a blog and want to know what's going on in our lives these days) will be the ones who maybe look it up.  (If you are one of those people, let me know!  Leave a comment!)  I sincerely hope that CL readers who don't like what I wrote won't come just to leave me grumpy comments because that would make me very sad.  : )
So, I'll just get over my self-consciousness (cuz, you know, it's that easy. hah!) and keep doing what I'm doing and pray that if God wants anyone to look at it they will and if he wants them to come back that they will and that whatever He wants me to write, I will.  Because whatever He wants is what I want most of all.
And just in case anyone reads my blog who doesn't know me or Lowell already, I'm going to post (maybe tomorrow?) a blog version of my Mennonite lineage and who I'm related to and who my husband is related to because you never know...  we might be connected after all.  J
Have a great Monday everyone!
J  ~Melissa

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  1. Well, here I am! The stranger that God has led to your site! And not because I first read your article in Christian Leader. And I won't leave you any grumpy comments!

    I sooo understand the nervousness of having a ton of people read your stuff. This is part of what's keeping my back from starting my own blog. I commend you for doing it!! Even though it may be only your family and friends that usually read it, it is, after all, available to the world >yikes!<

    Interesting that you have a Mennonite background. The only thing I really know about the Mennonites is that, historically, they're pacifists. (Any comment here?) Before I was even through reading your article, I was thinking that the main thing that bothers me in the stuff we watch and allow our children to watch is that the "good guys" don't rely on God. They have their own means of overcoming evil or injustice, which usually includes violence and sometimes even deception, and other things. Help us, Lord!


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