Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Holding Our Breath

Well, our completed dossier is now in the hands of our adoption agency personnel in Oregon.  If everything looks good, it will be on its way to Thailand on Friday!  I can hardly believe after all the effort of gathering document after document that it's finally done.  There are still a couple of things left for us to do (immigration stuff mostly) but we should now be on the official waiting list to be matched with our child! 
BUT (hence the title above) I'm still holding my breath a bit to get word that everything is in order and that it's really real.  The mind-boggling thing is that we still have (probably) a year or more to wait before we get to go meet and bring home our Little One. (They say 6-12 months from now for a match.)  I also know, however, that time seems to be flying faster than ever these days and it will go by quickly even if sometimes it feels slow. 
In other news...  I think I've finally figured out a new routine!  (Aren't you excited for me???J) Things are starting to feel normal and I'm feeling less LOST in my own house.  (For this week at least.) I have sort of divided my day into 4 time-blocks and when I make my list of things to do for the day (which I have to do if I don't want to forget everything or waste my day completely) I divide the page into 4 sections.  I also have a list of things to try to do during each time-block so that I don't get to the end of the day without remembering to fold the laundry or decide what to make for dinner.  We'll see how long it lasts!!!  (And for the curious out there, I am scheduled for the ADD testing at the end of this month with my psychologist.)
Have a great day everyone!!!
J  Melissa


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Yay! That's so exciting about your new Little Ens coming soon, Lord willing!

    I hear you on that whole routine thing. I have been craving a routine too and am hoping I can find one maybe by next week?

    I loved the "Dog Christmas" post. Those kinds of crazy ideas are the best ones.

    Natalie starts first grade tomorrow! I'm off to bed!


  2. Still getting to know you through your blog...

    Taking a little lunch/computer time here while the little one sleeps.

    I'm interested in your new routine. Is that a flylady thing? I've started flylady several times, but keep not following through:+{ Are you serious about the ADD thing? Have you done the test yet? How did it come out? I have often wondered about myself and since there are these similarities between us...hmmm... My brother used to crack me up when he'd say some day he will get to heaven and God will say, "Justin, considering you spent the majority of your life with undiagnosed mental retardation, you really did an excellent job of it all!" He's got...a strange sense of humor-(that cracks me up all the time.) (And I wouldn't be surprised if he had some undiagnosed something:-) I love him. Anyhow, carry on!


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