Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, I tried to post something!

I used my husband's phone today to try to write something for my blog - for practice in case we end up travelling without a laptop and want to post something via wi-fi on his phone - but for some reason it won't connect with some network or something. So it's stuck in his phone's outbox instead of being here for you to read on my blog. I'm so very sorry. In the meantime, can I entertain you with the fact that in 10 days we will have said goodbye to our dogs and our home and be on our way to the airport in San Francisco? We went shopping for presents for Kamin's foster family today and I'm starting to get excited about packing. (I can't believe I just wrote that.) But I'm working hard at convincing myself that it really isn't too early to start packing. Because part of my brain thinks there's lots and lots of time still. But I have learned that listening to that part of my brain is dangerous and leads to procrastination and chaos and unnecessary stress and frustration. Of course, I still normally believe the non-packing part of my brain. But hopefully not this time!!!!! And hopefully you'll get to read what I wrote earlier sometime soon. Because it will give you much greater insight into how I've really been doing... : ) (Not to mention that I worked really, really hard typing on that tiny little keypad!!!!!) : ) Melissa

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