Saturday, August 16, 2008

99 Hours left... (But who's counting?)

That’s how much time I have between now and when we pick up Mikaela from school Wednesday on our way up to San Francisco where we’ll catch our plane to Thailand! Wow!!! We still have a lot to do, but God has helped us get lots and lots done already and I’m feeling shockingly calm at this point. (That could change at any time, though!) J Here are some highlights of the last week and a peek at what’s coming in the next few days:

Last weekend we had a yard sale! Got rid of some stuff and made a little money. The kids sold lemonade and it was a nice way to pass the morning.

Thursday was a very good day! We FINALLY met with a real, live, helpful immigration officer at USCIS! He had our file on his desk and said he thought he could get it approved by Friday morning. We were amazed and so grateful! And he did it! I knew all along God was going to work it out somehow and was so grateful that He did it before we left. J Our physical file now has to travel to New Jersey to the National Visa Center and then on to Bangkok, but it should be okay. At the worst, we’ll have to make a second trip to the embassy there (I think.) We’re SO GLAD that saga appears to be over!

And when I got home from running around that day, my new Ergo baby carrier was waiting for me! Here’s a picture of Mikaela modeling it. She’s had a lot of fun playing with it. It’s so easy to use! (Especially with stuffed animals.) Hopefully Kamin will like it. But we bought it (huge thanks to some very generous friends!) from a site with a money-back guarantee so if we don’t like it or he doesn’t like it, we can send it back.

This weekend we’re hoping to finish shopping (for munchies to get us through our 7+ hour layover in Taipei, Pepsi for our house-sitter and stuff like that) and start packing clothes and all the other stuff we’re dragging along with us. Tomorrow morning will be our last morning at church as a family of four and I’m sure it will be an emotional one for me. Our church family has been so supportive of us through the last 2 ½ years and is so excited to meet our little guy!

Monday is Mikaela’s first day of second grade! I’m glad I’ll have a few days at home with Toby before we go and that she’ll have a few (meaning 3) days to reconnect with her friends and her new teacher before we leave.

I also have to mention I am SO grateful for how God worked the timing of our trip. It’s perfect for us in so many ways. It’s the best time for Lowell to be away from work. We were able to enjoy most of the summer without panicking about getting ready. We didn’t have to try to adjust to a new schedule with school and then start all over again after the trip. That’s huge for me – because transitions like that are ALWAYS hard for me. So to really only have to transition from summer to life after the trip instead of summer to school to life after the trip is a HUGE blessing! It also made the decision to keep Toby out of school for one more year easier than it would have been otherwise. And lastly, to only have 4 weeks to obsess about things (when we already had lots to do so I couldn’t obsess about it exclusively) instead of 2 months has really been so much better for our family. I think it would have been really hard on the kids to have had me so distracted for even longer (because I know I would have been!) I see so much of God’s grace in this. Even in the I-600 thing. God took care of it and stretched and strengthened our faith in the process. It’s no wonder He let it happen that way.

In case you’re wondering, we drive to SF Wednesday, fly out at 1:35am Thursday morning, stop in Taipei after 13 hours in the air and wait there for almost 8 hrs (unless we get on standby for the earlier flight) and after another short (less than 4 hrs) flight arrive in Bangkok Friday afternoon (about 24 hrs after leaving San Francisco.) Sunday is the day we meet Kamin and Tuesday he comes to stay with us for good! Wow!

Well, I walked away from the computer a couple of times since I started this and now have 98 ½ hours left so I think I’ll say goodbye for the moment. Hopefully next time I post we’ll be just about packed and ready to go! Keep praying for us!!!!! J



  1. Wow, down to counting the hours now! So cool. How long will you be in Thailand? Are you planning to extend the trip to visit family as well? Just curious.

    I'm so glad God is working everything out for you. Isn't it amazing to see his plan in action. We had a very similar experience with Joshua's adoption. God's hands were all over it, even when it didn't seem to be going the way we thought it was supposed to. It was better!


  2. we are SO excited for you! we will be praying for your trip and your new little boy!! we love and miss you guys!
    amanda and fam

  3. Have an amazing trip!
    We'll be thinking of you!

  4. Hollie9:04 PM

    Can't wait for you!! So excited to see you with Kamin so soon! We will be thinking of you and praying for your safe trip. I am getting all weapy for you - oh boy!! :)

  5. Have a great trip!!!!

  6. Melissa- I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and haven't followed anyone elses since we got back the first of March. I'm looking forward to following yours. About the laptop- I don't know how your phone works but the main thing is to have easy/convenient access to the internet to post pictures and messages. I would have hated to not have our own personal access- meaning relying on the business center, etc. So, if you can do that by your phone, you should be in great shape. Congratulations and we wish you a safe and INCREDIBLE trip- the trip of a life time! Leah Haynes

  7. Anonymous5:58 PM

    God bless you as you embark on this exciting chapter of your family's life together!
    Praying for a good trip and lots of special memories.

    Stacie and family

  8. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!...ALL of you! :)
    Carmen and family


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