Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun at the pool

After Kamin woke up from his nap this morning, Lowell took him down to the community pool where Mikaela and Toby were swimming with their aunt and cousins.  (I stayed home and did the dishes and laundry in a quiet house all by myself.  Ahhh...)  As you can see, Kamin and his daddy are getting along very well.  : )  In case you don't know them...  in this first pic in the background from left to right is Toby, cousin Connor, the back of Mikaela's head and Lowell's sister Carmen.  Andy is taking the pictures.

While we are all having lots of fun, our sweet little boy is definitely starting to miss his old home.  He's been fighting going to sleep (which he didn't do at first) and has woken up a few times very, very sad.  We suspect he's dreaming about the home he loved for the last eleven months and missing his family there.  It's so sad, but we know it's part of the process and better for him to cry and grieve the loss than not to.  You can pray for him that he'll get through the grief and that we'll know how to help him and comfort him.  All in due time, we know.  (And yes Mom, we know this too shall pass.)  : )


  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Oh Lowell, you look like an experienced father of three! It is really fun to see pictures of these bonding moments. O looks amazingly content with your family considering the change. It is a true blessing that he is only 13 1/2 months old because the old happy life memories will most likely fade into the new happy life memories quite quickly. He is already in all our hearts and prayers. Any official name yet?Much love to all! T&L

  2. Hi guys,

    Loving the pics. Thanks for sharing. Lowell looks like he's having so much with O. Can't wait to see you guys back home again.

    We'll have to plan a park date and llaunch rockets :-)


  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    what does Kamin mean in thai? tell Toby and Mikaela hi. love JT

    All the kids loved the video and pics and are anxiously awaiting your return! Looks like you're having fun! We have been specifically praying for Kamin's transition for weeks already and will continue to do so!

    Much Love, The Friesens

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Glad to see that Kamin is beginning to smile with Lowell too...will continue to pray for his transition to the new surroundings...B&B

  5. Thanks for the pictures. It looks like he's bonding very well from those smiles. I pray the protests are not interfering with the adoption process or putting you guys in any danger.


  6. Will be praying for those long nights and just the right comforting wisdom. I explained to the kids that O was given two families and that you guys are the family God choose especially for him. He knows what He is doing!

  7. Anonymous9:11 PM

    The pictures are lovely! It's so wonderful that you have family there to be with.


  8. Hi, Melissa. Just to let you know- I've been reading your blog and catching up, but haven't had time to 'thoughtfully' comment. Our life has been way too crazy lately. I'm in survival mode right now. But I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all of this on your blog. It is so wonderful to read about and see pictures of you and your family and this whole amazing experience. Kamin is beautiful and you guys look like you're making some forever memories.




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