Friday, August 22, 2008

We're here!

I have to hurry because we are getting ready to leave the guesthouse where we stayed last night and I need to pack up our stuff, but wanted to let you all know we arrived with all our stuff Friday afternoon (praise God we got on the earlier flight to Bangkok so had a much shorter layover in Taipei.)  and are having a wonderful time with family here...  Lowell's sister and her husband and kids (the Owen's) met us at the airport in Bangkok with bouquets of orchids and we all piled in their SUV, loaded our luggage on top (which caused andy to get a ticket) and headed for lunch and to the OMF guesthouse where we stayed last night.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time enjoying much of anything yesterday since I got really sick on the second flight and it lingered through the streets of Bangkok & most of the evening.  I've never been sick on a plane before but there was a lot of turbulence.  Hours of it!  Definitely getting some Dramamine before our trip home.  I was SO SO SO glad it was our trip there and not back.  It would have been much harder to feel so awful and have to take care of Kamin too.  But today I feel so incredibly much better!  8 1/2 hours of sleep and ready to go!
We're going this morning to visit the hospital where Kamin was born and then on to the Amari hotel where we'll meet Kamin tomorrow morning!  It's finally starting to sink it and I'm very excited - though wondering how it will go and hoping he's not too traumatized by his new loud family!  
It has been so fabulous to be here with the Owen family.  The kids have all been playing together and we feel so spoiled and BLESSED!!!    
Well, I had better go.  Hopefully we'll figure out how to post from the hotel and you'll hear from us again soon.  
Thanks everyone for all your prayers and emails and comments.  It's nice to know people are thinking about us.  : )
Love, Melissa


  1. So excited for you! I am praying. Can't wait to see pictures.
    Tracy (Holt board)

  2. So glad you are there safe. We are praying and so excited for you!

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Right there with you amiga!!
    Soooooo happy and excited for you!!!! What an amazing moment to be in!
    I'm just praying for God to prepare each heart for all the new family relationships and dynamics! And for a calmer flight home!

  4. So glad to know that you arrived safely! We guess every expectant mother must experience a bit of morning sickness. The waiting is almost over now for the four of you. All the rest of your family is waiting in eager anticipation, with much love and open arms. Many prayers and blessings are going out on your behalf. Greetings to the Owens. Love to each of you!
    Grandma and Grandad

  5. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Can't wait to see pictures and hear more! Will be praying for smooth transitions and attachment to everyone in a timely manner. Love you guys!
    Sandra for the 5 Arndts

  6. So happy to hear that you have made it safely. By now you have had the opportunity to love on your new son. Can't wait to hear all about your experiences. You have been on my mind and in my prayers all week.



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