Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank You & Thank You!

First thank you... to all of you who commented or emailed birthday greetings to our son. You are all so sweet and even though the comments have not made it into the journal yet (see below) they will!!! And they will be cherished forever... : )

Second thank you... To God and to my husband who managed to recover the files we thought might be lost forever when our hard drive decided to stop working and start crashing on Tuesday. Ahhh... The little file called "Recovery" created from our backup files brings new meaning to the term "Celebrate Recovery"! : ) Our pictures from the last several years aren't lost!
On the other hand... I did spend less time on the computer this week and that wasn't a bad thing. Though the house is not so clean that you would know. And I had something really thought-provoking to tell you all about that I had been pondering... but it too has apparently not been recovered from some crashed file in my brain. So for now, this is all you get. Until my brain is recovered.
OH!!! I just remembered what it was! I was going to talk about little girls and romance! I'll try not to forget between now and next time. And you'll get an extra week's worth of pondering. Scary, I know.
Last thing. Yesterday Toby said it was "sweltering." Learned that word from WordGirl, he did. PBS, you are amazing. : )
Have a swell, sweltering week, wherever you are!!!


  1. Awesome Job on the cake...IT looks great!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment (hope you didn't feel guilted into it!!). What a pleasure to check out your story! I loved the "confirmation" post about how you knew that Kamin was the child God planned for your family! Til yesterday I had never really heard of anyone adopting from Thailand, so this is all interesting to me. We are currently praying about God's will for adding to our family (we do have our dossier in China, but that will be another 3 year wait). I look forward to seeing your son come home!

  3. just came across your blog, that cake is great! Happy Birthday to your little man, hope you get to bring him home soon.

  4. Such a cute cake, Melissa! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on our blog. It's fun to connect with others adopting from Thailand.

  5. What a great cake - you are so talented! Happy Birthday Kamin!


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