Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Well, way over on the other side of the world... my son is celebrating his first birthday! It's already almost noon on July 7 in Bangkok... but to celebrate here, Lowell, the kids and I are going to dinner at the Elephant Bar tomorrow night. I know, I know. The food there isn't Thai. BUT Mik and Toby love it and there are really big elephants there and elephants are very Thai, so it's close enough. : ) The festivities will be topped off with an elephant cake... because I think it will be really cute and it might be my only chance to make one because by next year I'm sure he will have his own opinion about what he wants on his cake!!! In case you're wondering if this is an emotional day for us or not... I'll let you know when I do. I'm not sure how I'll feel tomorrow. There have been a few emotional moments for me, but not about what you probably expect. I never expected him to be with us on his birthday, so I'm okay with that. I actually think it's special he gets to spend this day with his foster family. I know they love him very much and we will (God willing) have lots more birthdays to celebrate with him. But I'm thinking also about his first mommy... the one who spent his first birthday with him and that's probably when I get the most emotional. Talking about her is way too personal for me to do on the blog... but I can say she has a very special place in my heart and I'm thinking about her... And while you won't be eating cake with us tomorrow, you can still do something special with us for him. I am extending an invitation to all of you to send Kamin a birthday greeting! I have been writing in a journal to him for over 2 years now and think it would be special to have in there notes from his family and friends. It is something he really WILL get to read someday and could mean a lot to him. (And even if it doesn't, it will mean a lot to me and his daddy and brother and sister.) So if you want to, leave Kamin a note in the comments or email it to me. Either way, I'll print it out and put it in the journal so he'll know he was loved before he even got home.
And Happy Birthday Kamin... We love you so much!!! Love, Your Forever Mommy


  1. Kamin - your mommy has written a wonderful story about you, and I wanted to tell you that I love you too! Here on your first birthday, as you mark a year on your calendar, I know that you are loved by so many people already! We will celebrate your birthday tomorrow, and even though you won't be there in person, we will have your picture on the table! I have already begun to cherish the day when we will first see you, and started to picture what you will look like in my arms, just like Mik and Toby do now. I love you so much and trust and pray that this special day is special and that God will demonstrate how much He loves you too! Love, Daddy

  2. Happy Birthday Kamin! I hope you have a wonderful day and can feel the love of all the people who already know how special you are!

  3. I thought about leaving a note here yesterday to wish Kamin a happy birthday. I thought about it as we left church yesterday and almost went back to tell you I remembered:-) If I was cool enough to think that yesterday was today in Thailand, I would have posted it then, but I'm not. Regardless, you have all been on my mind today (and yesterday).

    Lowell's note brought a tear and a smile. Gotta love daddies! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet Kamin too!

    Happy Birthday Kamin!!


  4. Hopping over from the Holt board to say that I enjoy your blog and I think birthday wishes in his journal is such a loving a sweet idea! I know he will love it some day. I may just have to steal this for our baby when the time comes!

  5. Thanks for your comment! That book sounds really great. :0) Angel

  6. Happy Birthday Kamin!!! I hope your birthday was a special one in Thailand and no worries you can have an elephant cake next year too - I'm sure your mommy won't mind making it all over again given how wonderful it turned out! And at 3 you can have an opinion!!


  7. Happy Birthday Kamin! We have been praying for you and are so excited about your birth and now the celebration of being a year old. Your forever family is wonderful and you will love laughing, singing, and playing with them. Keep growing up strong and know that God's hand is guiding and loving you along this incredible journey.
    The DeVore Four

  8. Kamin,
    We hope your 1st birthday in Thailand was wonderful! We love you so much already, and look forward to meeting you soon! We have been praying for you and know that God has amazing plans to prosper you! Just like your name, you are a wonderful creation that God has created to bring His amazing aroma to this world! And someday, soon, you'll be running around our neighborhood for a few days! Woohoo! Can't wait to have you in our Thailand home.
    Auntie Carmen, Uncle Andy, Connor and Isaac


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