Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whew!!!!! (As in "What a relief!)

Finally the dreaded home study interviews are over and like so much of life, they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Our social worker came back tonight and talked to Lowell for 45 minutes! and then proceded to listen to me for about an hour. : ) So he was a little off on his predictions, but apparently most of the time that he and Lowell talked it wasn't really official interview stuff anyway. I talked for a long time about my family and growing up (which as you can imagine took a while to explain and elaborate on). Toward the end he said he'd heard enough to write his report and I was quite surprised and said something like, "Well, later when you're looking at the stuff I wrote down in my other paperwork do you think you'll wish you asked me about my post-partum depression after Toby was born?" And he said "Yeeessss..." and flipped his notebook to a whole new page so he had plenty of space to write. So I told him a bit about it and life this last year and it all made sense to him by the end of it. He ended the whole thing by motioning to Toby (who had managed to get onto my lap by that time) saying we had all the hallmarks of a stable family and were obviously adored by our kids and some stuff like that. So I think we did ok. : ) Now we (well, I mostly) just have to get back to gathering paperwork for our Dossier. (Don't worry... as I am now blogging more frequently than you had ever hoped for you will certainly be hearing more about it in the future if you dare keep coming back.) : ) Thanks so much for all your prayers. God is good. Oh. And by the way... He asked me what I did if I ever had any free time and one of the things I mentioned was that I had started blogging. And he said, "Good for you." : )

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  1. I'm so glad your interviews went well. Its really hard to open up to a stranger like that, especially when they have to ask all sorts of hard questions. I never had any doubts that you two would be fine :) Now the really hard part starts - the waiting!


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