Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meandering in Santa Monica

I'm writing this while sitting in our hotel room at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. It's a really nice (expensive!) hotel we would never stay at if we were paying for it... but since Lowell's boss wanted him to attend a conference here, we came along! In case you've never been to a really nice hotel like this, let me tell you a little about what you're missing every time you stay in a Best Western or Motel 6. First of all, when you drive up to the front you are swarmed by valet guys helping open all your doors and unloading your luggage. Then they take away your vehicle so if you forget, say, your trail mix in the van you're out of luck unless you want to ask them to get it for you. And every time someone helps you, you give them a tip because you want to be nice and not have it be so apparent that you really belong at the Best Western in Pismo rather than here. By the time you get registered and lost looking for your room and finally find your room there is a bellman (or bellboy? I dunno.) waiting for you at your room with your luggage. And you give him a tip too, thankful that all this tipping is going to be reimbursed by your husband's agency. :)

The room is nice, but not so different from all the other decent places you normally stay. There are a couple of water bottles with water all the way from Fiji you could drink if you were willing to pay $6 for the tropical Fijian water or you can be glad you have a gallon of Crystal Geyser the valet guys got out of the van when they were unloading your van for you. There is also a little fridge and stash of goodies that you tell the kids they CANNOT TOUCH (because the Flyer Caramel Chocolate Bar costs $5 and the Banana Moon Cashews cost $12!)
But the beds! I finally figured out at least one of the reasons people would pay their own money to stay at a place like this (besides the joy of having someone else park your car for you). The beds (even though they're only doubles) are so comfortable!!! It was very, very nice... and I appreciated it all night long because I had taken some sudafed and kept hearing Toby and Mikaela roll over, making me think they were going to fall off their bed. But I was comfortable!

I also discovered a few minutes ago that they have babysitting services! Maybe I'll use them tomorrow when I go get my facial and massage after my morning workout at the fitness center. Or maybe the kids and I will just go swimming, grateful for the blessing of being able to come to Santa Monica with Daddy... after I enjoy my nice comfy bed for one more night. : )

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  1. Hey Melissa,
    I'm glad to find your blog! Just wanted to say a big "Hello!" to you guys and let you know that I am praying for you guys as you go through the adoption process and all that is involved.

    Samantha Regier


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