Friday, May 18, 2007

What was I thinking?

Well, the social worker is coming this week to interview Lowell and me and the kids--at our house. I had always thought that as soon as the appointment was scheduled I would have all the motivation I needed to get my entire house clean from the closets to the cupboards in my laundryroom and that I would have all the time I needed to get it all done. (Are you laughing at me???) WHAT WAS I THINKING????? Well, what I didn't anticipate was that we would get "the call" on Mother's Day right smack dab in the middle of LIFE. The next day, Mikaela woke up with a cold that she managed to share with all of us before the week was over. Monday night one of my best friends called me and told me her mother had just passed away that evening, so I spent a little time Tuesday with her and ran some errands for her. And as you know, if you read the post just before this one, I am currently in Southern California because the kids and I accompanied Lowell on a business trip--which means I spent all day Wed. getting packed. Fun, but not helpful in the "clean up the house" arena. (This also explains how I have time to add to my blog twice in 3 days!) We are planning to be home this afternoon in time to get our house picked up for our Bible Study/Life group that meets at our place Sunday nights. Whenever we come back from a trip it normally takes me a few days to get back to normal, but I don't have a few days this time. And I've given up on the "closets to cupboards" dream cuz it aint gonna happen. But from what I've heard, that's ok. Adoption home studies aren't nearly as picky as foster home inspections and I figure that while I want our place to look as nice as I can get it this week, it doesn't have to be model home perfect... because that's not who we are. We are a family that values life and relationships more than having everything always in it's place (and we're just not naturally organized people) and the social worker might as well know that. I am going to do my best, but I am also going to spend time with my friend Lisa so I can hear how the services for her mom went. We visited our friends here in southern California before going home because we care more about them than going home to clean. And who knows what else LIFE will bring this week. But no matter what, we will do our best, be thankful my mom can come help me some :) and hope it all goes well. Derek, our social worker, is coming over Thursday night at 6:30, so you can pray that I won't freak out between now and then and that I remember what matters most... God and others (my family, friends and church)... and not a perfectly clean house. Thanks. :)