Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Much Can I Say in 5 Minutes?

Well, I actually have less than that now due to the logging in and all, but here goes! (If only I were talking! It would be so much faster!) Last week's interview with our social worker went fine. Tomorrow night will be the interesting one because he's going to talk to each of us (me and Lowell, not the kids--I guess he heard enough from them last week--especially Toby who he was so entertained by he said he would just play with Toby all day if he could. They'd go outside and build a fort with all of the pillows in the house... at which point I told him he couldn't ever come babysit for us.) (Yes, I really told him that. Thankfully, he laughed.) (Ummm... Where was I?) He's going to talk to us each ALONE to hear all about our childhoods and where we are now. The hard part for me will be figuring out what to tell him because as you all know, there is so much I could say! I could tell him about each and every one of you and about trying to post on your blog in 5 minutes and wandering around the country with my family and playing in ditches and making mudballs in the cotton fields and singing the Hallelujah chorus while doing the dishes (talk about worship!)... so you see my problem. He has already assertained from our first visit (being the astute social worker that he is) that his conversation with Lowell will probably go about 25 minutes and mine will likely go about 45. (I told you he was smart!) And he doesn't even know the half of it. You can pray that God leads me to say what matters and nothing else. And that I get my house presentable again because it's not so much anymore. Well, my 5 minutes was up a minute or 2 ago. This was still the fastest post I've ever done. (Though I haven't proofread it yet and being a former teacher I do that.) Maybe if I get good at this fast posting thing I'll do it more often because I have so much more to talk about. As you all know. :)

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