Monday, May 09, 2011

On God I Rest

Remember the ladders?  If you were reading along with me during Lent, you might remember several posts referring to ladders.  It's been an evolving metaphor of sorts that has evolved once again. It started with thinking of balancing on a teeter-totter with pride on one side and insecurity on the other.  God helped me realize that pride and insecurity aren't opposites with something good and stable in the middle.  There is no safe spot on that teeter-totter.  The real opposite of pride is humility and the true opposite of insecurity is confidence.  And it's all about who I am depending on.  Am I depending on myself or am I depending on God?  Thus, the ladders.  I was thinking about three legged fruit picking ladders, to be exact.  The bad ladder: insecurity and pride in the front leaning on the back leg of self-reliance.  The good ladder: humility and confidence in God leaning on the back leg of dependence on God.

But you know what? There is something significantly wrong with that comparison.  Depending on God doesn't look ANYTHING like depending on myself.  A better picture of depending on myself is (use your imagination with me here) me climbing a ladder that I'm also holding up.  So in place of that post in the back, imagine me--  holding up the ladder.  : )  Dumb, huh?  Not to mention impossible.  I can't climb something and hold it up at the same time any more than I can depend on myself to get through this life.  And anyway, WHY WOULD I LEAN ON MYSELF WHEN I CAN LEAN ON THE ROCK OF GOD?????  Forget standing on pride and insecurity and leaning on myself.  I am standing and leaning on the Rock Eternal (Isaiah 26:4).

This song has been running through my mind as I've thought of leaning my ladder of humility and confidence in God on "the wall of God" instead of leaning on myself.  So I thought I would share it with you all.  : )  I'm so glad God is teaching me more and more and more to trust Him and how to lean on Him.

PSALM 62 by Shane & Shane
He’s the only one
Strong enough to lean
My heaviness against
The weight of all my sin
Falling on a rock
Leaning on a fortress
Oh the wall of God, Jesus
He won’t move

On God I rest
My salvation
My fortress
Shall not be shaken
My mighty rock
And my glorious
I lay my head upon His chest
On God I rest

Oh I am calling out
Oh my soul
Oh my stubborn soul
Won’t you wait on Him
Wait in the quiet
Even in your fear
Oh your God is here, to lean on!
He won’t move

He has spoken
Hear his voice
I have come for the broken
So all ye weary come and rest

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