Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ready for Battle!

Alright.  I admit it.  I have gotten a bit lazy with my Scripture memorization.  I’ve still been reading a lot and adding lots of verses to my spiral, but I just haven’t made up my mind to memorize one or more of them for a while.  Well, rather than give up because I’m “behind schedule” or try to make up for lost time by memorizing extra for the months I’ve missed, I decided to throw perfectionism to the wind and just pick one to do now!  J  (Shocking, huh?)  And not a super long one, either!  Here it is:

I don’t have a horse to ride into battle, but I do have a mind that I’m supposed to be preparing for action and a sword of the Spirit I need to keep sharp.  So while I trust (PRAISE GOD!!!) that victory rests with the Lord, I’m gonna do my part to cooperate with Him!

So here’s my encouragement to you…  If you’ve slowed down or quit or even never started memorizing Scripture, don’t give up and don’t be afraid to just start today!  If you want to share what you’re working on right now, leave a comment so we can cheer each other on. YAY!  J

Grace, Peace and Lots of Love,


  1. Good job! Sometimes, we just have to move forward. We get more behind fretting over how to get caught up. Trust me, I've been doing that for the past year. I should give this a go. I need a place to start. So, I need to know the most encouraging book of the bible. That's where I want to start. I need a little encouragement right now.

  2. Thanks Melissa! I love this verse. :)


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