Friday, June 04, 2010


Hey there friends... especially my GIRL friends!  Just wanted to share this website with you.  It's a blog kept by a group of women who are all incredibly gifted writers, and as you'd expect (or at least hope for!) based on the url, every time I go there I leave encouraged.  If you could use some encouragement (and who can't?) check it out!
Here's a sneak peek at something posted today...


I needed to hear from Him.

You know me by now and you know that I would probably rather make a joke or listen to your story than admit that I am living a story that confuses me.
I reached a point this week where, even though I wasn’t pursuing it wholeheartedly, I knew what I needed most was a word from God. I wanted to hear Him and at the same time, I didn’t.
I feel confused enough today, I thought, I don’t need to add attempting to hear God in these complicated situations. [By the way, this is messed-up thinking. Don’t agree with me. I came around. Just keep reading.]

Intrigued???  click on the title (Able) to read the rest...
And really...  who can resist a url like this...  ?

: )  Be encouraged today!!!

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