Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ummm.... Hi!

A new friend of mine from church discovered my blog recently (Hi Jenni!) which made me start sort of wondering what she might have stumbled upon and now know about me that she didn't know before! So I got on my blog and started clicking around on some of the labels on the side over here (on the right if you're actually ON my blog and not in a reader of some sort.) And you know what? Reading some of the things I've written in the last few years that I've forgotten about made me laugh - or chuckle - and smile. I read about our trip to Legoland in December 2007 and my almost-insanity there... about Mikaela losing her first tooth... about when I almost swallowed a spider... Really meaningful stuff! It confirmed what I've been suspicious of... that my blog has gotten awfully serious lately. As if all I do in life is study the Hebrew meanings of Biblical text in the Antiguo Testamento or something like that. (HA!)
In case you have perhaps ever started thinking something like that, let me say again HA! : ) It happens to be what I get very excited about and think is amazing and since I have a commitment (in my head at least) to post about my memory verses and not so much of a commitment to rambling about the rest of my life... well, you haven't heard much about the rest of my life lately. I'm NOT going to promise to change that (though I would like to!!!) because I have trouble keeping promises that I make in Bloglandia. But I thought I would offer you this semi-pointless post just in case you needed to know that I can still ramble about nothing with the best of 'em!
For a quick update about my family, I'll tell you this. My husband is still my favorite guy in the world and he's watching some action movie dubbed into Spanish right now. My daughter is the most hospitable 9 year old I've ever seen, Toby is learning Spanish muy rapido and Timothy asked me for permission today to eat his macaroni and cheese. Really! Our dog Brownie needs a bath and we still have 2 chickens that lay eggs for us semi-regularly. I have 3 sisters/in-law who are currently expecting babies... which means I will have... (counting... counting...) TWENTY nieces and nephews by the end of the year!!! : ) While there are still plenty of challenges every day, I'm making progress - with some real honest Divine Intervention - on getting my house in some kind of order and realizing that it's been my head that was out of order more than my house. And I love spring. : ) OH! And I'm wearing a pink John Deere hat that my hubby and boys bought for me at the Farm Show last month. Love it! (I'd take a picture and show you, but I'm lazy. Sorry!) : )
Phew. Do you feel better now? I hope so, because I do...
: ),


  1. Okay - who's having babies again?
    Still hanging in there with memorizing -- although my current one is proving to be a challenge.

  2. Ok, so I only know about one sister having a baby . . .And I was thinking about your chickens this morning and wondering if you still had any - no joke ;) - so glad you posted so we could catch up ...

  3. Melissa-
    Hi! Just to say, with some Divine Intervention as well, that I´m not as late to school as I used to be anymore... AND that I´m waking up earlier. Which is good!!! My friends at work would probably laugh at this cáuse I´m still not quite on time, but at least I feel that I´m running like a chicken with my head cut off a little less :). I had to ask God to help me enjoy doing things with enough time...! Anyhow. :) and just so you know... I´m quite at peace about NOT going to my trip. How I got there is kind of interesting but that story some other time. :) thanks for praying!!!

  4. I loved reading this one, Melissa! And I miss you...we're coming in April to mcc!!! :)

    Anne (one of the preggo sisters)


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