Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Please pray for my cousin...

Hi everyone... If you would be willing to pray for my cousin and her family today I would appreciate it so much. My cousin Amy is 35, lives in Colorado and is the mother of 6 kids under 11. Last week she went to the hospital b/c she was having some pain that felt like a heart attack. They discovered that she had some defects in her heart... major arteries connected in the "wrong" places that were causing them to kink. Nobody can explain how she's gotten this far in life (and through 6 childbirths!) without any problems.
She had a LONG open heart surgery yesterday... ended up with a double bypass and while they were there they removed a mass of tissue and repaired a hole they found. It seemed last night like it was all going to be okay, but this morning they airlifted her to Denver (about a 40 minute drive) because of some blood flow problems - and she hasn't woken up yet from the anesthesia like they expected.
Please pray for her heart and whatever is still wrong, for her to wake up when GOD wants her to, for the Dr.s and especially for her husband Rick, parents, her kids and her sister Cristy (it's Cristy's birthday today).
What's amazing about this is that last Fall, they discovered an aneurysm in Amy's brain. It ended up being so small that they didn't have to do surgery, (and as of an MRI just last week it is GONE!) but I truly feel like it was one way God prepared them for this. There are so many other ways we have seen God's hand at work, we know that no matter what He has been and will continue to be faithful. But I have a feeling that He is writing an amazing story through this frightening situation that is going to bring Him great glory when it is done. I am so thankful that in times like this I have the Hand of God and the Body of Christ to reach out to for strength...
Thanks so much...
Love, Melissa

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